Mindtours 18 – Steevio “Modular Techno Vol.4”


A1 Llwybr
A2 Ymwrthedd
B1 Cysegr
B2 Cyferbynnu

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Following the release of 2015’s Animistas album on Mindtours, Steevio returns with the fourth and final volume in the Modular Techno series after starting the project in 2012.
Initially conceived in 2009 as he moved his studio practice towards a purely outboard, analogue, modular synthesiser set up, the Modular Techno series has charted the development of Steevio’s exploration of this working practice both on record and on stage. The work involved in live appearances across the UK and Europe over the past four years have fed into the creative process, with rehearsals for sets often yielding the material that has ended up on vinyl.
Volume 4 is arguably the darkest instalment in the series to date, dealing in a strict economy of minimalist rhythms and off-key melodic touches while still easily identified as the unmistakable tones and distinctive grooves of Steevio. In the grand tradition of techno as visionary music, the dystopian tone that lingers throughout Modular Techno Vol 4 points to a future of uncertainty, but this is far from nihilistic music; always within the darkness remains a glimmer of hope.